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Five years after their last single Gypsynaut and exactly 102 years after the Aurora’s shots on the Winter Palace, Cosmonautix are firing their new EP Commander Red on the day of the October Revolution. The red commander of a Russian civil war song becomes Commander Red, who sacrifices himself in a distant future with his starship in order to save his crew and humanity. Revolution is not only found in the subject, but also in the sound: Cosmonautix dare the attempt to electrify the traditional Russian folk instrument Balalaika and mix an extra loud portion of heavy metal into their previously known mix of folk, ska and punk. The EP is less industrial music, reflecting the industrialization of the Soviet Union, but rather a colorful potpourri of Russian history, danceable and melancholic at the same time. The Five Songs tell of wild Cossack troupes, Russian tank soldiers battling Japanese Samurai, a ruptured gypsy wedding and old rusty Soviet flying machines that are rattling on a Russian cemetery and yearning for a final flight to the sky – „Эх, раз, еще раз“ и поехали!

01 Commander Red (M. Blanter/M. Nickolay)
02 Kak Za Donom (trad.)
03 Tri Tankista (D.&D. Pokrass/B. Laskin)
04 Paramela (trad.)
05 Let Me Fly Again (trad./M. Nickolay)

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