Heroes of spaceflight.
Conquerors of the cosmos.
Pride of all Nations!

Since 2006 the Cosmonautix are on a “Rocket Balalaika Speedfolk” mission, a wild mix of eastern European folklore and own songs in Russian and English language. Moderately enriched with influences of Rock, Ska and Klezmer the party cosmonauts are today the most energetic Russian party band outside of Mother Russia. After the success of their debut album ENERGIJA (2011, Piranha Records) the crew drifted across a lot of countries in Europe, Russia and Mexico.

Also the youngest release, the maxi single GYPSYNAUT (2014, Setalight Records), shows in round terms the direction of the flight: of course up to the cosmos! Together with an international crew, the Cosmonautix commander Captain Morgan Nickolay
(Dawai Dawai / Baikal Cossacks), takes his audience to an excessive flight up to the cosmos…
in this spirit: “Take a seat now and fasten your seatbelt, please!”

“It may still be cold outside; however,
Cosmonautix defrosts even the deep-frozen
dance legs with your hot “Russian Balalaika Speedfolk”.”

“Punk strikes Casatschok:
The Cosmonautix brings the Junction Bar to a
boil with Russian-Balalaika-

“Spin the songs through the punk wolf and
make it loud and fast. And don’t forget the

“The Russian-Balalaika-Speed-Folker clears the intransigence from your internet
sites to the 
direction in which your music is arranged. Fast and crazy,
but a great gag always makes it 
feel like a musically social dance night.”
Jalla Music

“Punk, Ska, and Klezmer become acquainted,
upon which you can naturally dance and chant 
like anyone.
So it becomes a proper party, that goes crazy.”
sound & image

“This sizzling, energy-enriched mixture
is above all LIVE-MUSIC.”



Commander of the first cosmonaut-balalaika-ensemble

Morgan Nickolay, Captain

A girl on every planet

Martin Gladigau, First Officer

The first cosmonaut of Venezuela

Otto Contreras, Ensign

The MacGyver of the skies

Bernhard Schimpf, Board Engineer


Cosmonautix auf der Wörthsee Alm!

Eintritt frei!

Am Gartl 11
82266 Inning

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Cosmonautix live auf dem DingsDo Folkfestival in den Südtiroler Alpen!

FB Event

Cosmonautix live auf dem Interkulturellen Fest der Spielplatzinitiative Marzahn!

Alpha II
Schorfheide Straße 52
12689 Berlin

Start: 20 Uhr

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Cosmonautix live auf dem Apfelfest in der Alexandrowka!

Start: 15:30 Uhr

Erlebe Cosmonautix live auf einem Kettenfahrzeug beim Militärfahrzeugtreffen in Königsbrück!

Neues Lager
Hoyerswerdaer Straße
01936 Königsbrück

Cosmonautix zu Gast bei der Russendisko mit Wladimir Kaminer im Hangar 312 in Neuruppin!

Hangar 312
Hugo-Eckener-Ring 40
16816 Neuruppin

Start: 19 Uhr

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Cosmonautix live im B.A.Rocktikum!

Boarding: 19:00
Start: 21:00

Elisabethstraße 35
18273 Güstrow

Cosmonautix auf dem russischen Weihnachtsmarkt in Potsdam!

Treffpunkt Freizeit
Am Neuen Garten 64
14469 Potsdam

Start: 17 Uhr

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